Logs: Windows 8, A Visual Journey

After almost 2 weeks of fidling with Windows 8, I am really convinced that this upgrade is worth the trouble. My old M17x ran this OS without a hitch. There are occational driver upgrades because this is an old machine but all of those wares were not so hard to find online.


My only imcompatible device right now is the bluetooth driver. Broadcom! If you're listening, develop a compatible driver please :)


and oh, I know you've heard that booting up with Windows 8 is faster, well lemme tell you ..


It really is! 

The new simplified boot-up screen

An additional screem which tells you the time, date and notifications.

The new Log-in Screen

The New Metro Gui

Desktop Mode

Personalization Settings

Autocad 2013

Photoshop CS6

Successfully added OnOne Suite 7 and Nik 2 Collection, forget about installing the previous versions, they won't work.

Of course, ending this note with the new Blue Screen.

Cute Eh? LOL


Microsoft Windows 8 Webby