started this as as a creative philosophy developed for interior design & personal organizing for more than a decade is now a full blown design & build creative studio founded by veteran interior designer Carlo Guina


It is the result of a collaboration between multiple complementary fields, Arts & Sciences

We do:





Science is what drives us.
As human beings & also as professional entities.


I am on a quest to enhance the link between humans and their spaces. Over the past few years, we have had the chance to deliver award-winning work for a number of international accounts including, HP, IBM, Renault , Audi & Adidas to name a few for both Interior design & personal organizing.


A future perception through intuition. We analyze to see through breaking through the conventional commercialism in order to push your design even further without breaking the bank.


I have developed a passion for minimalism which allows us to consolidate relevant and decisive designs that is both timeless & versatile.


A vision that will elevate your space to a position to not only be ready for current world challenges but, more importantly, those of the future.


The current personal organizing workshops for you to learn Niximalism can be found here



In collaboration with Prime Builders Corporation