Terry - 3 Bedroom, China

Terry is a music teacher who’s been living in China for more than a decade & has accumulated a fairly large amount of stuff during her tenure. She’s living in a 3bedroom with her boyfriend & 4 cats. 


It took 3 weeks on intensive daily remote calls & planning with us  to be able to upgrade her Organisation skills which eventually became a habit for her. She never looked back. 

Terry a music professional, & her husband together with their 3 adorable cats have been living in the same apartment in China for 5 years. She grew up culturally with tangible abundance for more than 3 decades & her husband is a complete opposite.


I received Terry’s message as a literal cry for help to bring order to their interior living space. Their entire 3 bedroom apartment was in a complete disarray having 2 of their rooms as storage spaces. Unsure of what has happened over the years, she openly admitted making a lot of mistakes in this past, she felt paralyzed on every purchase she made for their home. Terry watched a lot of videos on organizing & read every available book out there on the matter. Even her husband lost faith that nothing will work anymore. 


After getting a better understanding of their lifestyle, I knew she wanted something that looked polished but no-fuss. Terry wanted to feel comfortable in their home and wanted to be able to showcase their personalities but has no idea how to do it.


Working with some of their existing elements, I designed a plan to help them achieve her aesthetic goals. We went through her house slowly & logically. 


I explained a lot of do’s & don’ts & because her situation has been going on for a long tome, it took a lot of periodical checkups on my part to instill Niximalism on her until it became a habit. Terry has now been practicing it everywhere she goes.